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YONEX AEROSENSA 2 Badminton Shuttlecock (4 tubes)

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Aerosensa 2 is a great quality and durable shuttlecock for its price!

YONEX AEROSENSA Shuttlecocks are the official shuttlecock for the world's leading international tournaments. The precisely engineered technology in every lightweight YONEX Feather Shuttlecock is extensively checked and tested to guarantee consistent performance.

In stock

With superior quality, second to none, YONEX AEROSENSA 2 Badminton Shuttlecock (4 tubes) will blow your mind. With a proven track record, it has shown a consistent and sustainable trajectory. It displays a recovery time that is very short in comparison with other professional feather shuttles.

The Materials intricately put together for maximum performance levels, height drops and smashes. This bird is made of 100% solid cork at the base and with high-quality real feathers for the cone.

One of the advantages of the Yonex AS 2 Shuttlecock is that it won’t warp in high temperatures and does not break in low temperatures making this feather shuttlecock a desirable accessory for all kinds of weather conditions. For optimum performance on the court, unwavering stability and trajectory with good speed what more could be desired more on the court!

More Information
Speed Medium
Shuttlecock Type Feather
Flight Good
Durability Fair
Base Type Solid Cork
Feather Type Special Feather
Play Level Practice
Quantity Per Pack 4 tubes
Quantity Per Tube 12 Shuttles
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