Hybrid Tennis Racquet Stringing

Intermediate and advanced racquets come in unstrung condition as it provides a choice to the players for choosing their desired string and tension. Moreover, some players prefer to have the comfort, power and flexibility to choose a combination of features on a single string. For this, few manufacturers offer "Hybrid Strings" , which have one string for Mains and a different string for Crosses eg. Babolat Hybrid PHT+N.Vy String or Wilson Spin Duo String offering a blend of features in one string set.

We, at Sportsjam.in, have brought this flexibility to you for Creating your own Hybrid String on your racquet. This will help you play with different combinations of strings as per your desired features. Please note that a good understanding of string features are required to achieve an optimum balance between comfort, durability, control and power.

To avail of this service, please follow the steps below:

1. Add your favorite racquet in the cart (Unstrung racquet).

2a. Add "Tennis String for Mains (Hybrid Stringing)" in your cart.

2b. In this item select your preferred Tennis String for the Mains (top to bottom) and mention the desired String Tension.

3a. Add "Tennis String for Crosses (Hybrid Stringing)" in your cart.

3b. In this item select your preferred Tennis String for the Crosses (left to right) and mention the desired String Tension.

4. Make the payment online.

Please note that this service is available only for Prepaid orders, not for Cash on Delivery Orders and only for new racquets purchased on www.sportsjam.in in the same order. The delivery time for your order will extend by 2 days. For regular stringing, please click on Tennis Racquet Stringing.

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