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Choosing the ideal rubber – blade combination is a big task and you will have to try various combinations to suit your playing style. Notice how you play your backhand and forehand and how you hit the ball in both cases. Select the same rubber sheet if your backhand and forehand are similar, else choose sheets with different characteristics. Browse through our buying guide below for tips on selection of table tennis rubber.

I) What are the types of Rubber surfaces?

The different types of Rubber surface are given below:

1. Inverted or ‘Reverse’: This is the most commonly used rubber, with ‘pimples in’ and a smooth surface, and good for all types of stroke play. Offensive inverted rubber are ideal for high speed and power games, while all-round and defensive rubber are good for all-round and defensive styles of play respectively. Usually, this type of rubber produces more spin than the pimples out rubber. You may also choose this rubber if you are a beginner and want to learn various strokes in table tennis.

2. Short Pimples: This type produces the fastest ball speed close to the table and much less spin (10-20% less) than the inverted rubber. This may be used on the backhand for speed players and also for defenders looking to counter attack and hard hitting over the table.

3. Long Pimples: Ideal for spin reversal, this type of rubber is used for returning oncoming spins effectively. The pimples ‘flex’ under the ball pressure and produces confusing return shots. This is good for defensive players.

4. Anti-spin: This rubber produces no spin as it has no active surface. It is not as effective as long pips but easier to play with and good for defensive play.

Search Table Tennis Rubber and use the Compare feature to check the individual rubber characteristics including type of rubber, play strategy, to help in selection of rubber.

II) What Speed and Spin rating should I choose?

Understand your playing style and select from ratings of Speed, Spin and Control (Super Fast, Fast, Medium, Slow). Choose a rubber with high Speed rating if you are an Offensive style player using topspin and smashes. For chopping and looping, use high Spin rating rubbers. If you are a Defensive player and prefer to underspin, chop and block, use a slower rubber, which can give you more control on the ball.

Go to Table Tennis Rubber page and select your desired Speed and Control rating from the options available on the left menu (Super Fast, Fast, Medium, Slow) & choose from the wide selection of rubber available. You may also Compare between rubber or check individual rubber features to get information regarding rubber rating.

III) What is the importance of Sponge thickness?

Table tennis rubber is available in various thickness, which does affect the speed and control performance of the rubber. Thicker sponges (2.0mm or above) are for fast offensive play with less control of the ball, whereas those between 1.9mm to 1.5mm are good for all-round play. Thickness of less than 1.4mm or less are good for short and long pipped rubbers. The rubbers which are labelled ‘Max’ are of maximum thickness produced by the manufacturer, within the ITTF specified limits of 4.0mm sponge thickness. In India, rubbers with MAX thickness are most popular.

IV) Is Sponge density or hardness important?

There is a degree of sponge hardness that you may consider while selecting your favourite rubber. With harder sponge, the ball sinks less into the bat and thus produces less spin. You may choose a hard sponge if you prefer smashing speed over control ie a pure Offensive play style. Softer sponges allow offensive play with spin.

It’s important to develop your skill in the game and select a rubber according to your playing style. You may consider changing your rubber if you feel it is not suitable for you, or if you need to improve your playing technique with a better characteristics rubber. Also note that a rubber loses its properties after about 60 hours of play.

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