Often players are not sure which racket is good for them, and make their buying decision limited by price or friends’ suggestions. We provide you a Buyer’s Guide for Squash Rackets, where you can understand basic concepts about racket specification. At Sportsjam.in, select squash rackets according to Play level, Weight and Head size and make an informed and better purchase decision.

I) How should I choose the weight of a racket?

The average weight of Squash Rackets range between 130gm to 150gm (unstrung). At Sportsjam.in, we have rackets in a variety of weight range, including the super light-weight Karakal SX 100 Gel at an incredible 100gm, to heavy rackets weighing 185gm.

1. Light-weight rackets (130 gm or less) are easy to manoeuvre and provide a good ‘feel’ of the ball. However, they do not generate enough momentum on their own and require powerful swing from players. Choose light-weight rackets, only if you are an Advanced or Professional player.

2. Medium-weight rackets (130-150 gm) are ideal if you are not a highly skilled player but looking to improve your game. Medium-weight range works best for most players.

3. Heavier rackets (>150gm) do generate some power but are not easy to control. These rackets are fine for beginners or price-conscious buyers.

Log on to www.sportsjam.in and go to Squash Rackets and select from options of “Unstrung Weight” in the Search Menu to choose rackets of your preferred weight.

II) What is balance point and head size?

Balance point is determined by where the centre of balance lies in the racket, starting from the base of the handle. A higher balance number signifies a 'head heavy' racket. ‘Head light’ rackets feel overall lighter than ‘Head heavy’ rackets. However, it is advisable not to pick lop-sided balance in rackets, and instead select ‘Even – balanced’ rackets.

At Sportsjam.in, you may compare different Balance points and also search by Head size of Squash Rackets. A larger head size gives more surface area for the ball to come in contact with the string, and hence a larger ‘sweetspot’.

Choose from a variety of options of Large head size like Dunlop or other squash rackets by logging on to www.sportsjam.in > Squash Rackets and selecting your preferred “Head Size (sq.in)” from the Search Menu.

III) What are the different Material composition of rackets?

Squash Rackets are available in three types of composition - in pure or composite (alloy) form:

1. Aluminium – These rackets are heavier than the other available options. These are reasonable and good for beginners.

2. Titanium (Ti)– These rackets are lighter than aluminium rackets, however these are found to be less durable than the graphite variety. Ti rackets are perfect for players seeking a balance of power and control.

3. Graphite – These are light-weight rackets and generate powerful swing. 100% Graphite rackets are expensive, hence if you are looking for a lesser priced racket with Carbon technology, you may choose graphite ‘composite’ rackets.

IV) Squash rackets are pre-strung. Is it required to re-string them?

Stringing a racket according to your personal choice is an important factor, though these rackets come pre-strung from manufacturers. Regular players should re-string their rackets after about 2 months of play.

Professional players use Natural gut which are expensive, but provide the best ‘feel’ for them. Multifilament strings are of synthetic type, popular and durable.

While stringing, it is important to note that higher tension provides more ‘touch’ for the ball, while lower tension provides more power in the shots.

V) Should I buy a spare racket?

Once you feel that a particular racket is well-suited to you, do invest in a spare racket, to maintain consistency in your game. Manufacturers discontinue some models from time to time, hence keeping a spare will also avoid a situation where you are left with non-availability of your favourite racket in the market.

These are some of the important factors to consider while selecting your favourite squash racket. However, each individual’s playing technique, level of skill, and racket technology also determine the most suited racket.

At Sportsjam.in, do make use of the Search & Compare features to select your favourite squash racket according to your Play level and desired specification. For any further queries, please write to us at info@sportsjam.in

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